Slidy+Mathjax presentation example

A few weeks ago, I blogged about using slidy and mathjax for writing presentations. I’ve put together a zip file with an example that allows you to try out this combination (the download link is at the end of this post), and perhaps even get you started at writing the presentation for that conference a few weeks down the road. Here are the instructons for it:

  1. Download and unpack the basic starter kit somewhere. The kit is just a two slide presentation framework with a title page and one page with interesting formulas. It includes some basic css to make the presentation look nice, and a logo I invented in five minutes.
  2. Download the MathJax zip archive, and unpack it into the directory where the slides are. Then rename the directory it made for itself to MathJax. It is important that the MathJax folder is in the same folder as the presentation slides, because otherwise some security features of firefox won’t allow mathjax to use the highest quality mathematics rendering. The issue is described here in more detail.
  3. Unpack the Slidy2 zip archive, also into the same folder as the starter kit.
  4. Open the slides with a current firefox or chromium browser. It should work. Hit F11 to get to full screen mode (and hit it again to return to normal mode).

That’s it.

Tips and tricks

  • You may want to usese firebug to debug the slides and do live repositioning/restyling of elements. This makes designing slides much faster.
  • You can embed videos into the presentations using html5 tags.
  • It is probably a good idea to obtain a decent html editor. I use emacs with nXhtml. It seems also bluefish is a good bet. I didn’t find any of the wysiwyg editors out there particularly useful.
  • If you use emacs, you can use cdlatex mode to edit latex formulas in html documents.
  • There is a lot of information on html and css in the mozilla developer network.

I wish you good luck and fun with the starter kit. Download it here here (click on “file” and select “download original”).

Disclaimer, etc.

There are no warranties of any kind associated with the starter kit.

The contents of the zip file are under the MIT license.



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